End year 2019 with Good Hope

Counting the days of 2019 in December and review what I have done for the whole year. And building a New and Better Hope with Dreams to achieve my family dreams and contribute more to the community and nation. I have learnt a lot from many resources and make a new decision for the coming 2020 for a Change for Better. Grateful to God that always beside me along the years and protect me from the bad things.

Ending year 2017

Soon the year 2017 will ended and still many things I can do and learn for some better changes. I learn from good and bad experiences ,and still has Good Hope always do a step forward in Life.

I am grateful to meet new friends, old friends, families, professionals, coaches, mentors, some positive speakers,

Some Big plans as well small plans still on process in these last days of 2017.

Let’s make it happened and better nation inĀ Bhinneka Tunggal Ika

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