The World is changing every day and I am glad to enjoy the process and journey with sharing the Blessings to family, friends, country and the universe. Proud to be Indonesian and build the nation by building the people surround me.

The Journey

I still remember when I start using a US Robotics Modem with 14.4kbps speed with Bulletin Board System, mIRC channels and start a new Internet journey on 1991 with IBM.net with US$ 19.90 for 10 hours dial up internet to explore wider globally. Since then, I always connected and learn new things from the Internet “Learn to Grow” mindset become my assets and always see a thing from 360 degree point of view.

A lot of efforts I did to earn and finance my new Internet journeys as a learning period and become self learner of new good things to learn.

Just begin

Graduated from Industrial Engineering of Trisakti University, some courses & trainings in Silicon Valley, California, some webinars + seminars + conventions, trainings from some IT companies ( Panduit, Alcatel, Cisco Systems, others ), IT Conferences in many countries, and online learnings from international mentors, coaches. Still learning every day from the community and  networkings.

Always be green and grow.


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